Introducing The Breast Cancer Hope bracelet

Introducing a bracelet that shows you Hope for the Cure while supporting major organizations that Support The Cure. It'll help you remember to get checked, and hope for a cure. We donate directly from your purchase to major organizations. All profits are donated!

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Hope For A Cure...

Hope... Small Word, Huge Meaning. Especially when compared to Breast Cancer. We need hope for anyone with Breast Cancer. We need hope to find a Cure. And we need hope from support. We all need to Support The Cure, to get rid of worry and to save lives. Breast Cancer cannot be ignored, and we need to inform the public, and help the fight.

The Breast Cancer Hope Bracelet...

Materialized from the desire to Support The Cure, I wanted to create a bracelet that would remind people to Hope for a cure and Support the fight. The Breast Cancer Hope Bracelet directly donates to major organizations(see We Support on menu bar). We can only get somewhere with your support. You are the way to get to the Cure. So buy the Breast Cancer Hope Bracelet to Support the Cure. Also now available are Natural Beeswax Candles, Handcrafted in the USA. Light a candle in Hope of Breast Cancer Survivors, and remember People Lost to Breast Cancer. Lasts 15 Hours. All profits are donated!